The best moderation on an imageboard is no moderation at all, but to keep the quality of discussion at least on the minimum tolerable level, the following points have been created:

  1. Everyone who uses this imageboard has the obligation to read the rules and to follow them.
  2. The content posted on this site is the property of its authors and by posting it you agree to accept full responsibility for it.
  3. There is a total ban on posting pedophile content.
  4. It is not allowed to use this site when you are under 18 years old and to talk about topics typical for minors. *
  5. It is forbidden to admit to being a woman. *
  6. It is unacceptable to act to the detriment of the imageboard (raiding, flooding, white knighting)

The rules marked with an asterisk don't apply on /trip/.
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